The Future of Labour in Europe - Volume I

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Let's get to work! The Future of Labour on Europe





A decade ago, Thomas Princen published a book called The logic of sufficiency*, which presents and analyses the features of the ecological rationale and its consequences. The explanation is based on a very detailed economic and management analysis of three … Continue reading →
Policy-makers often mention housing, transport and energy as key sectors to foster employment growth. Are their expectations justified? How will differences between European countries in terms of family values and ways of life influence the work opportunities available in the … Continue reading →
Jim Been and Olaf van Vliet (Leiden University) analyze the variation in early retirement across 13 European countries. The results of this study show that for men, part-time employment reduces early labor market withdrawal. Although the participation rates of older … Continue reading →
The NEUJOBS dissemination team has now made available the work product of the London event on “Ageing Society in Europe and UK” (15 September 2014), which can be downloaded from the NEUJOBS (FP7) and OSE websites. Available documents include: • … Continue reading →
The NEUJOBS dissemination team launched the NEUJOBS book “Let’s get to Work! The Future of Labour in Europe” (8 September 2014). We have made available the different outputs of this event, which can be downloaded from the NEUJOBS (FP7) and OSE … Continue reading →
In the 20th century, prognostics for global economic progress were good; Kuznets theory (and curve) posited that income inequality would automatically decrease in advanced phases of capitalist development, and Robert Solow’s 1956 analysis of the conditions to achieve a “balanced … Continue reading →
The NEUJOBS FP7 dissemination partners are happy to invite you to the launch of the book ‘Let’s get to Work! The Future of Labour in Europe’, which will take place on Monday 8th September 2014 at CEPS in Brussels. Keynote … Continue reading →
As part of the NEUJOBS project, the European Social Observatory (OSE, Brussels) and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) are pleased to invite you to a one-day conference: Ageing Society in Europe and UK: Employment and Policy … Continue reading →
From today, on NEUJOBS website, you can read the latest policy brief by Iain Begg. A short interesting piece of research where findings from different domains and the results of an intense discussion with high-level policy makers come together. Here … Continue reading →
Nearly halfway through the Europe 2020 Strategy, an analysis of the strategies pursued and results obtained thus far is presented by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) in the 2014 edition of the ‘Benchmarking Working Europe‘ report. The publication raises … Continue reading →