Employment of women

The WP focuses on labour market position of women, changes that took place in this field over the last 20 years, their main drivers as well as likely developments in the future.

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According to Eurostat forecasts, the European Union’s working age population will shrink by a considerable 8 million people by 2025. As a consequence the labour force is to decrease,...

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The aim of this paper is to explore three issues relating to the financial dimension of female labour market outcomes. Firstly we analyze the gender pay differentials, adding to the existing...

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The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship between female employment and gender equality, with a special focus on care and family policies shaping women’s potential labour market...

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We investigate the problems and the potential solutions to the challenge of increasing women's participation on the European labour market. We focus on three major issues, linked...

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The European countries’ policies related to female participation in the labour market as well as approach to retirement ages have evolved in the course of the past two decades. This is the...

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Development and maintaining skills in a life course through various lifelong learning activities is crucial to sustain employability, particularly in the context of longer working lives and more...

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Position of females on the European labour market has improved strongly over the past two decades. Changes in women’s employment were not only positive, but also managed to alleviate the...