Energy and green jobs

The WP analyzes on the one hand, which energy sectors will benefit from the transition of European energy systems in terms of employment and, on the other hand, which ones will suffer from job destruction. In addition to this, the WP investigates whether the supply of labour will be able to meet projected demand and how to deal with eventual shortages. Furthermore it will question the possible fiscal implications for the EU and member states.

Publications in this research area

Policy briefs

This NEUJOBS Policy Brief summarises the key impacts of a decarbonisation of the
energy system on employment in Europe and provides policy recommendations on how to facilitate a smooth...

Working papers

This paper presents a methodology for calculating potential impacts of the new socio-ecological transition away from fossil fuels on employment in EU energy supply. The methodology is based on...

Working papers

Work Package 11 of NEUJOBS deals with “Energy and green jobs”. The core deliverable of this WP11 (D11.2) will assess the impacts of a decarbonisation of the energy sector on employment in Europe....