Labour immigration and integration policies in Europe

The WP assesses the impact of both international and internal migration on the labour market in European countries. One research question is what factors affect the decision to migrate in order to assess how international and internal migration can be stimulated. Migration of skilled workers from outside Europe may be one alternative. However, past experience has shown that migration from outside Europe is not an easy solution as it may create integration problems. Moreover, part of future labour demand will be in care; this is a sector where it is difficult to put migrants to work.

Publications in this research area

Working papers

This paper analyses the attractiveness of the EU’s Blue Card Directive – the flagship of the EU’s labour immigration policy – for so-called ‘highly qualified’...

Working papers

Over the next 50 years, population aging will contribute to a dramatic decline in the European working age population. One important question for policy makers is to what extent an increase in...

State of the art reports

This paper provides an overview of the ‘state of the art’ in the academic literature on EU labour migration policies. It forms part of the research agenda of Work Package 18 of the...