Modelling economic and employment developments

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This WP develops scenarios of the overall economic development during the next 10-15 years based on differentiated expectations of the rapidity and size of the socio-ecological transition. The WP focuses on combined impact of social and environmental transition on the European economies and their mutual interaction. The analytical work prepared as a part of this WP forms the framework, in which the rest of the project research would necessarily be embedded. The work is done in the framework of the NEMESIS model of SEURECO.

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Working papers

The objective of this paper is twofold. As a first step, the updated results of the reference scenario are presented to remind the main employment and environmental challenges that the European...

Working papers

Abstract: This paper aims to deliver a quantitative description of the two global context scenarios for EU.
Based on the qualitative scenarios developed in the NEUJOBS FP7 project. These...

State of the art reports

The present work is a stock taking exercise whose general objectives are, on one hand,to help in the understanding of the mechanisms of the NEMESIS model and to discuss the possibilities of the...