Modelling the evolution of the labour supply and labour demand

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This WP is based on micro-simulation and it aims at projecting occupational, skills and geographical distribution of the labour supply, labour demand, and the employment. It takes into account the analyses in WP 8 and 9 (that cover respectively the demographic and economic aspects of the socio-ecological transition). Alternative sets of assumptions on future changes in families and fertility, life expectancy, international and internal migration, skills and labour force participation rates are developed.

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This final report summarizes the key methodological contributions and
research findings of NEUJOBS Work Package 10 on modelling the evolution of
labor supply and labor demand until...

Working papers

The eff ect of demographic change on the labor force and on fiscal revenues
is topical in light of population aging and potential pension shortfalls. This
paper evaluates the e ffect...

Working papers

We analyze structural and behavioral changes in European labor supply
between 2010 and 2030. Incorporating detailed demographic projections into
representative population surveys for...

Working papers

In this paper, we perform a meta-regression analysis on own-wage elasticities of labor demand for European countries. As this elasticity explains the firm's responsiveness of labor demand with...

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We suggest the first large-scale international comparison of labor supply elasticities for 17 European countries and the US, separately by gender and marital status. Measurement differences are...

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The size and the composition of the working-age population in European economies will change significantly in the next decades. For foresighted labor market policies, it is of crucial importance...

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This paper describes the assumptions underlying the demographic projections that will be part of the tough and friendly NEUJOBS scenarios. The demographic scenarios will project the population by...

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 When assessing the effects of policy reforms on the labor market, most studies only focus on labor supply. The interaction of supply and demand is not explicitly modeled, which might lead...

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In order to analyze future developments at the European labor market it is particularly important to extensively describe the status quo. This paper reviews studies on labordemand in Germany over...