Regional disparities, ageing and territorial aspects of employment

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This WP analyses the regional differences in demographic developments in the context of ecological transition, the impact of socio-ecological transition on well-being and employment patterns and agglomeration effects in the light of the socio-ecological transition.

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This paper focuses on emerging labour patterns within the Socio-Ecological Transition (SET), with a particular attention on urbanisation effects. Based on the ELFS, we mobilize micro-econometric...

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This paper analyses the spatial distribution of economic activity in the European Union at NUTS2 level over the 2001-2010 period. The aim of the study is twofold: (i) to provide descriptive...

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In this paper we studied the connection between migration and the potential labour force. We tried to determine what types of regions are most likely to be able to compensate a (future) declining...

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In this study, we explore how general socio-economic trends within the European Union are reflected in the development of different types of regions during the period from 1995 to 2009 and how...

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Differences in the growth of the working age population are affected by the direction and size of migration flows, cohort turnover (the balance between the inflow of young people and the outflow...