Socio-ecological transition and employment implications

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This WP serves as a ground for further research analysis within the project. It is developed in two steps: (i) based on a literature review it generates a set of assumptions on socio-ecological key transitions (e.g. climate change) relevant to the labour market. (ii) In a second stage, it designs a model that allows checking if the intended changes are physically feasible and if they will help to meet policy targets.

Publications in this research area

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This Working Paper presents key parameters (cornerstones) for the material dimensions of the EU27 economy. In 2005, 5.5 billion tonnes of material were extracted from the European environment and...

Working papers

This paper analyses the role of innovation and innovation policy in a purposive socio-ecological transition of the European Union. More precisely, we ask which kinds of innovation will be required...

Working papers

This report tackles three issues. It outlines an intellectual framework for understanding socio-ecological transitions‖ as transitions between different societal energy regimes and...